Dead Rising 2 Off the Record

Photojournalist and original hero of Dead Rising’s Willamette incident, Frank West takes center stage once again in Dead Rising® 2 Off the Record. Forget what you know about Dead Rising 2, as players will experience a reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak. Frank will face off against more twisted enemies, build more outrageous combo weapons, follow his own unique mission structure and explore brand new areas of Fortune City to get his biggest scoop yet.


FORTUNE CITY BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT Experience a re-interpretation of the Fortune City outbreak through the eyes and camera of photojournalist Frank West DO IT YOUR WAY All new Sandbox Mode allows free rein exploration of Fortune City or the chance to top the leaderboards by competing in one of the many challenges. SAY "CHEESE!" Capture those classic, violent, scary, hilarious Dead Rising moments, earn Prestige Points and complete all new missions with Frank’s new and improved camera feature.


FRANK WEST Frank West, the freelance photojournalist who exposed the truth to the world, has become a hero. But the fame went to his head. He used his newfound fame to try and treat his infection and pay his medical bills, but it just isn't enough. Having covered wars, his ability to survive is extraordinarily high. CHUCK GREENE Chuck was once a reckless playboy who eventually settled into a happy family life.
A happiness that was shattered by the Las Vegas zombie outbreak. Chuck lost his beloved wife and his young daughter, Katey, was bitten. Chuck does whatever he must to get money for a steady supply of life-saving medication for his daughter.
KATEY GREENE Chuck’s 7 year-old daughter, Katey, watched her mother die in a zombie outbreak, and was herself bitten. To avoid zombification, she must take the expensive and controversial medication, Zombrex, each day. She is plucky and unusually brave for a little girl - adaptable and playful, despite the trauma she's been through. STACEY Stacey is a 20-something, passionate, assertive idealist, and head of the zombie rights group CURE (Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality). Stacey will fight tooth and nail for what she believes in - that zombies are just infected people, and that killing them in the game show "Terror is Reality" is cruel and demeaning to infected survivors everywhere. TYRONE KING TK is the host and producer for the controversial and popular pay-per-view television game show “Terror Is Reality”. He’s ambitious, glib, charming and charismatic. TK has no problems with killing zombies for the entertainment value – and the profits. He is always on the lookout for another opportunity at riches. THE TWINS TK’s twin co-hostesses for the game show. They provide some nice eye candy as well as some taunting for the contestants.


Spiked Bat Front
Spiked Bat Back
Drill Bucket Front
Drill Bucket Back
Plate Launcher Front
Plate Launcher Back


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